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Modern Hiring Practices, Good Marketing?

Now Hiring...MaybeIf you’ve had to look for a job in the last five years, you’ve probably noticed something. Internet/online application forms. I think that they are a dirty word in the industry now and I’m here to share why. Marketing… Remember, marketing is ANY communication you or your company have with the outside world. Does an online application make things easier for the hiring manager? Most likely in time savings of processing applications right? Well, I will show that these hiring practices hurt your business.

Imagine you are looking for work and you put in your due diligence. Prepping your resume, networking, putting together samples of your work if necessary, gathering references. These are all things that should be done when looking for work. Smart right? Now let’s say your connections didn’t come from networking or maybe they did. You’re probably going to be told at some point to “go to our website and fill out an application.” So you do. You get there and fill out all that information over and over and over again after you’ve prepped your resume??? Why did you prep a resume? Is there a place to upload the resume in place of filling out all the text boxes that are required on the site? In most cases, there isn’t. If there is, it doesn’t format properly and then makes it difficult on the hiring manager to read through the improper formatting to understand who you are and your advantage to the company.

Does that sound familiar? Does that make you stand out as a potential employee? The answer is no. You become a number.

Now as a business in this new world of technology, we’ve just taken a potentially wonderful hire and turned them into a number. Is that good for business? No.

Marketing isn’t just sales. It’s a people business. Connections with people grow businesses. That’s marketing.

We’ve all been told to try and follow up on our resume submissions and our online applications. How easy has your company made it for a potential hire to follow up? Exactly… Most companies have specifically said on their website, “No phone calls please.” Have we come that far away from truly getting to know a potential hire? Yes we have.

I’ll add another caviate to this topic. Weakness. Weakness in the hiring management and weakness on the potential employee. Lets’ say 50 people applied for a position in your company. You whittle the candidates down to five and start your interviewing process. Then, you choose the right one for the job and hire that person. What do you do with the other 49 applicants who’ve put their name in the hat? For most of you, the answer is nothing. You do nothing. C’mon! I mean who wants to call a bunch of people to tell them they didn’t get the job. I don’t want to do that. The truth is that makes a weak manager. Passive aggressive I think the professionals would say. That’s not good for your business. Now you have 49 new people who have a less-than-stellar view of your company. Are you seeing the marketing impact of this now?

Let’s say you are the one who didn’t get hired and your manager has had the fortitude to call and let you know the news and given you feedback on your interview performance. I know…that would be stellar wouldn’t it? How many of you have done this? Now you’ve just been given the news…do you hang your head and pout? Do you lash out at the person giving you the message? Some of you do and that’s partly to do with why managers don’t like to make the calls. I mean, who wants to call someone to give them good information only to be berated. I wouldn’t and most others wouldn’t either.

Now this is a vicious cycle and it has taken our hiring practices to a very hands off level that doesn’t truly benefit anyone.

So if you are a hiring manager or company, make sure you do your due diligence. Provide contact information, accept resumes in .doc and .pdf, speak the truth, follow up and don’t get discouraged or be discouraging. Let your potential hires know where they stand. Everyone deserves that. And remember, your hiring practices exude your company identity. Improve your marketing through your hiring! If a candidate has a positive view of your company even after you have not hired them, then you will continue to see marketing success. The jobs market in America is in a transition period and can’t take the abuse.

If you are looking for work, keep your chin up, you won’t get every job you apply for. Keep your nose down and continue to pursue your dream job. Don’t let an opportunity missed discourage you from doing what you love.


Do you think differently? Share your opinion below. Have you experienced these same things from the hiring perspective or from the applicant perspective? Share your story with us.

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